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Experienced Chimney Repair

Bill Placer Chimney Sweep has been in the business for several years now and understands the ins and outs of any type of chimney. We have earned the reputation of providing the best chimney repair in Odessa, TX because our main priority is to ensure safety. A damaged chimney can lead to dangerous fires and accidents.  Give the chimney repair specialists today to get your chimney back in top shape right before the holidays.

It’s Just A Crack

Big or small, Bill Placer Chimney Sweep can fix it all! Usually, small chimney issues are set aside, or fixed by not using it. However, if not promptly fixed, the small issue can lead to an expensive and complicated repair. Most people believe if they don’t see damage, there is no damage. False! Your chimney may have internal damage that can lead to a very serious accident if not taken care right away. For example, a damaged inner lining (crack) leaves your home exposed to heat and embers. These can reach flammable materials resulting in a house fire. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call and get a Chimney Repair in Odessa, TX from our experts today to ensure you and your family’s safety

Chimney Repairs

Cracked liner

What Chimney Masonry Repairs Do You Offer?

  • Crown Seals & Replacements

  • Brick Work & Mortar Joints

  • Traditional Clay Flue Relining

  • FireGuard Clay Liner Resurfacing

  • FireGuard Mortar Joint/ Gap Liner Repair

  • Chimney Flashing Repair

  • Heat Shield Smoke Chamber Restoration (Parging)

  • Damper Repair or Replacement

  • Lintel Repair

  • Firebox Repair or Replacement

  • Ash Dump Door Replacement (Interior & Exterior)

Chimney Repairs

Before & after of a cemented crown. Before we can see deterioration & cracks. After image shows the cement crown repairs and replaces.

chimney repair in Odessa, TX
chimney repair in Odessa, TX

Get A Chimney Repair Today

Don’t put it off any longer! Let Bill Placer Chimney Sweep do the dirty work for you. A chimney repair in Odessa, TX is crucial for your family’s safety.  Give your family the peace of mind knowing your chimney is safe. It is easy as a calling the number down below or making an appointment online to have one of our experts come to take a look.



Chimney repair in Odessa, TX

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